Ponderosa Fire District (PFD) is a rural fire district in Northern Arizona located 10 miles west of Flagstaff; the District encompasses approximately 
25 square miles serving a population of 2,500 in the communities of A-1 Ranches, Saskan Ranch, Bellemont, and Parks, Arizona.  In addition, PFD provides emergency services for 20 miles of Interstate 40 from Exit 171 to Exit 191.  

    Bellemont is a diverse community comprised of a modern 300-home subdivision, small manufacturing and industrial businesses, and a busy travel/truck fueling station.  The Navajo Army Depot is also located in Bellemont south of the I-40.  Parks is a rural community with homes on one-acre or larger lots, two convenience stores, and a K-8 grade school.  The entire southern boundary of the District is bordered by the BNSF Railroad.  

    Ponderosa Fire Department responds out of two stations, and has recently transitioned
to a combination department with volunteer and career firefighters.  The Fire Chief
and Administrative Chief are full time paid positions, and there are four full-time paid firefighters working 50 hours a week.  Ponderosa Fire Department also has numerous, qualified volunteer firefighters.

    Station 81 is a small station located in Parks, AZ.  There is currently a live-in Reserve Firefighter living at the dormitory. Station 82 is located in Bellemont, and houses the Administrative Office, two dormitory type bedrooms, and an all-purpose/training area. PFD is an all-hazard agency that provides traditional fire services, emergency medical services, wildland firefighting, public education, and prevention inspections.

    Medical emergencies comprise the majority of our calls particularly on the I‑40 during inclement weather; however, with much of the District located in densely forested
land, the threat from wildfire is the highest risk for all of the communities we serve.